ASPIRE sports drinks provide a great solution for schools because they are compliant with the USDA Smart Snacks in School guidelines. These better-for-you sports drinks with beneficial nutrients and no junk are great for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Hundreds of schools are working to improve the physical health of their students while improving the financial health of their foodservice program by selling ASPIRE in their cafeterias, student stores and concession stands. They are also serving ASPIRE, with coolers and concentrate, to their teams and student-athletes.

  • Beneficial electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals
  • Only 35 calories and 8 grams of pure cane sugar per 12 oz. serving
  • No artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners
  • 18-month shelf life with no preservatives
  • Winner of multiple taste tests vs. leading brands in schools
  • Driven by research from the Mayo Clinic, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and other leading public health organizations

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Aspire To Greatness

Samples Available For School Foodservice Professionals Only

To learn more about how your school can ASPIRE to greatness, please contact:
Kevin Christie at (612) 669-3768 or kevin.christie@ASPIREbeverages.com



Click Here For a PDF of The Smart Snacks In School Guidelines


Entrepreneurship and enrichment programs for DECA, business and health classes are available to all schools that sell and serve ASPIRE!

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