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A TEAMer of the Month – Mariah S., Columbia, MD

July 8th, 2015

Mariah was first introduced to ASPIRE by a fellow friend and A TEAMer. From the beginning of her work with ASPIRE, Mariah has been an incredible asset to the team. Mariah has worked every type of event and each and every time, she brings a high amount of energy and a positive attitude. Not only is she passionate about the brand, she goes above and beyond telling the ASPIRE story and making a difference in her community. “I love ASPIRE because it is the only sports drink that tastes as great as it makes you feel. My favorite flavor is the ICE (lemon-lime) and I love that I can enjoy it at any time and in any place, with the knowledge that it is doing great things for my body. I love being a part of the A TEAM because I get to work alongside my friends in order to promote good health and a better sports drink option to our community. We always have so much fun together while doing a great service to our community by sharing ASPIRE with everyone.” Thanks for all of your hard work Mariah!