ASPIRE to Be Epic with DECA

April 6th, 2016

ASPIRE Beverage Company has teamed-up with DECA to provide valuable opportunities for students to develop and apply grass roots marketing plans while raising money for their school and organizations!

ASPIRE Beverage Company is a national DECA business partner. Since the company was founded in 2012, ASPIRE has continuously collaborated with DECA chapters on various projects including branding, product development, packaging design, marketing analysis and planning, and consumer research. ASPIRE sports drinks, with significantly less sugar and none of the artificial ingredients found in other sports drinks, meet the new USDA school nutrition guidelines so they can be sold in school stores, cafeterias and concession stands. Inspired by a mission to improve the health and performance of all athletes, ASPIRE is the fastest growing sports drink in schools, nationwide.

In conjunction with the DECA “Grass Roots Marketing” Lesson Plan that is now available for free to all DECA chapters, ASPIRE Beverage Company is sponsoring a sales and marketing competition that is open to all DECA chapters. This program enhances the classroom experience by providing students with real world applications to learning while also providing the chapters with a valuable new source of fund-raising. Participating chapters will be tasked to create a grass roots marketing plan with an objective to drive sales in the school store, events and/or at a local retailer that is assigned.

In addition to its work in schools, ASPIRE has also hired hundreds of DECA students, nationwide, as members of its ASPIRE A TEAM of field marketers.

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