ASPIRE Athlete of the Week Expands in the 2015-2016 School Year

September 15th, 2015

The ASPIRE Athlete of the Week program was created by ASPIRE Beverage Company to recognize and reward high school student athletes that demonstrate “greatness” demonstrated by high school seniors in four areas: athletics, academics, community involvement and character.

Every week throughout the school year, nominations are submitted by high school activities directors, coaches, and school faculty members for consideration. Each week, three semi-finalists are selected by a committee and voted upon by the public to determine the ASPIRE Athlete of the Week finalist.

High school activities directors, coaches and school faculty members are encouraged to submit nominations each week and can do so at any time. All high school students grades 9 – 12 are eligible for the ASPIRE Athlete of the Week award.

“The leading brand sports drinks focus most of their attention on professional sports but we are focused on high school and youth athletes,” said John Montague, Co-Founder and Chief Aspiration Officer at ASPIRE Beverage Company, “Our ASPIRE Athlete of the Week program provides well-deserved recognition and rewards high school level athletes who truly demonstrate greatness”