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ASPIRE Spring School Tour, Students Ask ‘What’s Your Aspiration?’

May 18th, 2013

ASPIRE has enjoyed an extensive tour of schools this spring, sharing discussions with students across the Twin Cities. All of the sessions include a discussion about “aspirations” and planning to achieve greatness. At the end of a recent session, one of the students asked us about our company’s aspiration. Good question. Here’s our answer:

We aspire to greatness.

We will make meaning by providing consumers with products that improve their health and performance.

We will conduct research and development as a means, not an end.

We will dare to go where others have failed and fallen short.

We will constantly innovate with the humility to see things as they are and the audacity to imagine how much better they could be.

We will act as warriors, driven to serve the public good.

Our success will require patience and resilience with a gritty commitment to excellence.

Our leadership will reject complacency, break through barriers, and challenge the status quo.

We will do what’s right, not what’s easy.

ASPIRE: It’s the radical idea of striving for better in an increasingly competitive and cynical world. And it extends far beyond sports to include art, science, school, work, family, community and all that can be achieved and imagined.

ASPIRE Selected as the Official Sports Drink of the St. Paul Saints

May 11th, 2013

May 11, 2013 — The St Check Out Your URL. Paul Saints of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball (AA) selected ASPIRE as the team’s official sports drink.  ASPIRE developed its FIRE, ICE and STORM sports drinks contain natural flavors and sweeteners, electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  In addition to being selected as the team’s beverage of choice to provide hydration and energy during practices and games, the ASPIRE FIRE, ICE and STORM sports drinks will also be available for spectators at the Midway Stadium concession stands.  “We are proud to provide the Saints with a drink to improve the team’s health and performance,” said John Montague, Co-Founder and Chief Aspiration Officer at ASPIRE Beverage Company, “and we are thrilled that our beverages will also be available to fans at the ballpark.”

ASPIRE Next Generation Sports Drinks are Taking the Twin Cities by STORM

May 3rd, 2013

After years of hard work, the ASPIRE next generation of sports drinks are finally hitting the shelves of quality grocery stores across the Twin Cities. It was awesome to visit Lund’s, Byerly’s and Kowalski’s today and see our products for sale. Now, the really hard work begins. It is time to educate consumers about the health and performance benefits provided by our delicious FIRE, ICE and STORM drinks.

Surely, we don’t have the marketing budget of Gatorade and Powerade but our team is dedicated to do whatever it takes to provide better drinks for children, adolescents, young adults — and adults! Please stay tuned and help spread the word! During the weeks and months ahead we will be hosting tastings and promotional events at all of the stores that are selling our products.

Please come out to support ASPIRE — and support these great grocery stores that are providing consumers with a healthy alternative to the junk being sold by leading brands! Together, we can show these big companies that consumers won’t accept their harmful products and practices any longer!