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The Students Pick ASPIRE Again

February 28th, 2013

We enjoyed another fun day teaching and learning from young students. This time, we visited Chaska Middle School West. At this point, we’ve visited many schools and talked to thousands of children, adolescents and young adults. With each visit, we are awestruck by their curiosity and intelligence. The feedback we have received during these interactions at the schools has further validated our research and fueled our FIRE to produce the next-generation of sports drinks. We so appreciate the enthusiasm and passion that greets us inside every school we visit. No doubt, the aspirations of millions of young consumers will help us topple the leading brands that clearly care more about the interests of their shareholders than the health and performance of America’s children, adolescents and young adults. Together, we will achieve greatness.

An article about our latest school visit is available at:

And the winner is… ASPIRE!

February 19th, 2013

We visited Concord Elementary Elementary School in Edina, MN, to engage the taste buds and design opinions of the students. The session began with a discussion about entrepreneurship and the process of developing solutions to solve problems. The students asked a wide range of questions and their enthusiasm was palpable. We were very impressed and encouraged by their intelligence regarding health and nutrition. We shared our three final bottle designs and the students voted to select their favorite. It was fun to talk about the word “aspire” and listen to the aspirations shared by the students.

After talking about the long process of researching and developing our FIRE, ICE and STORM sports drinks, the students were eager to taste them. And, we were excited about their taste preferences. In a blind taste test between ASPIRE and Gatorade, the students favored ASPIRE with a 4-to-1 margin. We’ll admit it was a bit nerve-wracking to publicly test our drink versus Gatorade but after years spent formulating our beverages we were confident ASPIRE would prevail. All of the students received ASPIRE hats which they wore proudly as inaugural members of the ASPIRE A TEAM. A special thanks to an amazing group of kids!

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